Nutrition Consultations

I am currently working full-time as a nutritionist, with two days per week dedicated to clinical consultations. I see clients through Feel Fresh Nutrition, located in the central Auckland suburb of Grey Lynn, working one-on-one with individuals or couples, of all ages and health concerns.

A foundation of my practice as a nutritionist is to never take a one-size fits all approach - after all, we're all so different! I believe it's important to tailor recommendations to suit the individual, taking into account not just a person's health and wellness concerns, but also their budget, lifestyle and time constraints, to create a tailored practical plan together, that's sustainable in the long-run. Sustainability is key in turning anything into a lifestyle, and that's what I want health to be for my clients - a lifestyle. 

If you would like more information or to book a consult click here to be taken to the Feel Fresh Nutrition website. Beyond consultations our team is also available for corporate wellness events/seminars - drop us a line on the website for more information or if you'd like to organise for us to come into your workplace.

If you'd like chat some more about how I can help you email me at

My formal qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science, double majoring in Human Nutrition and Physiology (Massey University, NZ)

  • ISAK level one (Auckland University of Technology, NZ)


"Danijela is truly passionate in her approach to helping her clients achieve optimal health. She has helped me with digestive and gut issues (IBS) taking me through the process of eliminating many foods followed by the reintroduction of testing which foods I could or could not tolerate, I haven’t felt so well for many many years. I couldn’t have achieved such incredible results without the skilled expertise of Danijela. I'd certainly recommend her."
Barbara Pritchard, aged 77 (Digestive Health Client)

"While everything Danijela advised worked well and was fun, I wish to specifically point out that her genuine curiosity and patience to understand and learn about about her client, and then personalise recommendations, was truly special."
Rohit Anand (Detox client)